Twitter for Missionaries

This is my first post on wordpress. Compared to my previous blog host, wordpress is a dream come true. So kudos to wordpress. Now to the point.

A missionary from Kazakhstan spoke to our Sunday school crowd today. She told us about the day to day lives of the people she to whom she ministered and how she felt inadequate in meeting their needs. These folks were not asking for the latest fashion or gadget. They were begging for flour to feed their children. People moved from one village to another so they would have water to drink. Day to day survival is the focal point of life.

The government, who should be taking care of their people, is corrupt and opposes anyone who might help. This lady wasn’t even sure she would be able to return to the people she had lived among for ten plus years as her visa might be denied. The whole situation is in God’s good hands.

Somewhere during her presentation the thought occurred to me that twitter was the perfect tool for missionaries. If the country or location they were serving allowed uncensored posting, the missionary could post updates for their supporters to follow real time. There’s nothing quite as compelling as seeing the resources you provided enabling and changing lives in the hands of our Lord’s servants. This might even get twitter a view on your Church’s center screen.

Another benefit is the ability to use twitter to make new connections. The people on location could gain new supporters through twitter networks that are currently unknown to them. This might land them some much needed support and resources.

Well my two circuits connected and you just read the result. I’m sure their are things I’m overlooking. What do you think? Am I tooting an old horn in ignorance? How would you expand this post? The learner in me needs a lesson.


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2 Responses to “Twitter for Missionaries”

  1. adriaanses Says:

    Great article! I am trying to use a blog again and I found a friend in You’re right they make blogging sooo muuuch easier!

    Also Twitter is a great way to communicate, for fast updates as you said. I find though that it is good to have a more personal prayerletter as well. That’s where GMail is great, so you can e-mail people that are close to you directly.

    Being Dutch, my blog is in Dutch, that’s somewhat difficult, and has proven to be a challenge over the years, since we have had a website in three language. That was too hard to keep up with. So now I stick to Dutch on my blog, since I want to communicate directly in the heart language of the people that are most involved in our work.

    Hope this adds something to your blog. Keep up the good work!

  2. Marianne Foster Says:

    Billy, Sounds like a great idea. I looked on the web regarding Kazakhstan and they have prohibited any religious form that has not already been registered since July 08. They are heavily fining anyone caught trying to do anything they consider “religious”; therefore, you would have to find a church that already has a system in place and work through them. I looked on the web and the closest church is in Adairsville, GA (that I could find) called Living Way Church. I definitely think it could work, but you would have a long road ahead to forge through with it. If twitter could be shared with a missionary already there and you two could just post to each other, that would be great, but finding that missionary would be the challenge. Doing a lot of research sounds like your kind of thing, so I thought I would just let you know what I saw when I just googled around. Keep up the good work! In Christ, Marianne

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