Believer. Linchpin. Fearless and frequent explorer of the ‘Adjacent Possible’. Easily distracted Jesus freak. Extreme learner. Devourer of God’s Word. Untested author. Wordsmith. Book lover. Capturing good in pursuit of the perfect.. Collaborator extraordinaire. Unabashed analogy creator. Web based application research master. Adaptable gadget super user. Avid runner, mountain biker and adventure race enthusiast. Adrenaline and endorphin junkie. Outdoorsman: Hunting, Fishing, Kayaking, Hiking, etc. Videographer/Post production editor. Social networking sage. Identify with the world through music lyrics and movie clips. Entrepreneurial opportunist. Connecting people, relationships and ideas. Seeker of inspiration, new places and cultures. Content with little or much. Father of three blessings. Married to THE most amazing woman. Systems thinker. Constraint annihilator. Computer applications designer and developer. Intuitive software explorer, learner and super user. Industrial engineer at heart. Experienced operations leader, supply chain maximizer and technical support professional. Leader of large and small groups. Superb interpersonal skills. Laughter Yoga leader.


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