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The WFX Experience

November 1, 2009

My new post was actually sparked by a post from fellow WFX attendee Aimee McCullough (@acmccullough). Please follow the link to her blog to leave comments and join the conversation.

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How to Effectively Effect Change

By aimeemccullough

We tried to take the kids trick or treating tonight but the weather had other plans. We stopped a couple homes and then decided to take the kids to Friendly’s with my parents. My parents follow me on FB and had many questions about this so called WFX Conference we attended. As we started to share our desire to return to the basics of relationship and discipleship it seemed as though we were speaking another language. I wished I could say that they were the exception and not the norm at our church but I am afraid that this dissconnect is greater than I would even like to think. Coming off of 3 days hearing passionate presenters and keynote speakers yearning to make an eternal difference in the lives of others for the glory of Jesus Christ is definitely a mountain top experience. But returning home is so much harder than I ever imagined it would be. Staring the truth in the face and wanting deperately to effect change among our staff, our leaders and our people. I know the only real way to do this is to start living out among them and that eventually they will follow. The challenge seems overwhelming right now but of course it will take total reliance on God to be accomplished, and that my friends is my insight for this evening. I follow Rick Warren on Twitter and the other day he posted something to the effect that he could do NOTHING without God. This is one of those glimpses in my life where that is so real. If your reading this I ask for your prayers. We the ability to make an eternal difference in the lives of 500 people and right now we are failing miserably. But God has a plan and if we are obedient to his word he will be able to live out that plan in us and through us. Thank WFX for making a difference in my life and hopefully the life of our church. Let us move forward to being a life-giving not life-taking church!

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  1. Billy Ingram Says: Your comment is awaiting moderation.
    November 1, 2009 at 7:16 am | Reply Excellent observations! They mirror my own challenges with understanding and application of the ideas coming out of WFX every year.

    I can only speak for myself when I say strike while the iron’s hot! I too have experienced the spark of hope from new ideas and concepts only to receive a bucket of water to the face upon my sharing with others. Many people will do this thinking they are saving you from being too radical and too extreme a Christian. Their intentions are good, but life threatening.

    I respect Pastoral and elder authority but I also believe in asking for forgiveness rather than permission. Authority is given by God to every believer to follow the lead and conviction of the Holy Spirit. Anyone, and I mean anyone, who says ignore the Holy Spirit and do nothing is a pharisee.

    In my humble opinion, the key is to not take it personally when this occurs. As a practical fact, most of the world is afraid to risk anything, anytime. Everybody likes to play it safe. If we look at it from the view point of those who didn’t attend WFX, it’s as if time stood still. Yet for us we’ve got a double expresso of Kingdom building ideas from the Lord! So what to do…

    We are called not only to follow and seek the Lord with all our heart but to persevere as well. When people don’t show the same level of interest for the ideas you’ve shared, light them on fire with your passion. Be willing to do what is in your power to make things happen. Pray, fast, study to show yourself an approved workman of God. Burning brightly as a Christian isn’t easy but it is our responsibility. Besides, my experience is that most people won’t hold onto a red hot piece of metal, they will turn it loose!

    It is our unique perspective that allows us to guide and lead others to the uncharted oasis along narrow caravan routes by new towns to unknown tribes of people. If our calling doesn’t exist in a seminary yet we are not relieved of duty. Unlike Columbus’ discovery, our new world really is flat. I can connect with anyone at any time in any location in an exponentially growing number of mediums. If we will not lead others into this unknown mission field who will?

    I say, Here I am Lord, send me!