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A Polymath’s Dream

January 20, 2009

As a relatively new user to twitter and its related applications I am in rare form. My rare form being defined as drinking from the fire hose of twitter connectedness and re-tweeted knowledge. Although I’m reluctant to call myself a polymath, I certainly possess many of the classical tendency’s and traits. These traits, along with access to random and seemingly unlimited information and discussion, test the true meaning of learning exponentially. This environment also provides for a whole new world of connections to discover.

I’ve studied multiple subjects to earn a living and for pure pleasure. After all I am labeled a learner by Gallup. Normally I give all attempts to profile me such as Gallup the appropriate ‘grain of salt’ treatment and move on. However, this is a specific characteristic they nailed. One I’ve embraced with zeal. Lets just say that if funds and time were available I would be in some sort of formal education for life. Informal learning is just the next breath away.

What I find interesting though isn’t the ability to learn or the availability of the information but the need of social interaction to find a purpose for it. A thought occurred to me as I read the general description of a polymath today. Specifically this sentence stood out. “Thus the gifted men of the Renaissance sought to develop skills in all areas of knowledge, in physical development, in social accomplishments and in the arts.” So my take is meaning and purpose is not found solely in knowledge or learning but in the social interaction that follows. Greater understanding seasons social interactions like salt, increasing their flavor.

I can say for me personally that social interaction whether face to face or on-line is the point where I receive the most satisfaction. Thanks to my latest surge in learning I better understand that my satisfaction truly originates from helping others. For me this is a great day. Because today I know myself a little better.