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Your Best Social Networking Practices

July 10, 2010

I recently answered a question asking me to share what I considered best practices around social networking. My post lists some of what I consider to be essentials on this subject.

#1 – Be your authentic self. I only follow and interact with people. I don’t interact with marketers, self help guru’s and consultants in any social medium. I’m not against any of those things, I just don’t like mixing my chocolate and peanut butter personally. I filter and sort through the crowds to the real folks with whom I share common interests. I thoroughly enjoy their insight on our shared subjects.

#2 – Consistency is required for healthy relationships. If you only post once per month you’ll be mostly ignored. You can’t keep most friendships intact if you only speak to them once a year.

#3 – Not every post has to be earth shakingly philosophical. I can’t count the times I’ve met someone face to face for the first time and knew them to some degree based on their posts. Meeting others is a special treat for me at far flung conferences, sporting events and training when I’m away from my family.

#4 – Leverage desktop productivity tools like HootSuite, Tweetdeck or Seesmic is a must. I have some common friends across multiple social networks but not many. But most of the people I’m connected with have their preference of social network and primarily focus on it. Also most of the social mediums I use have their own flavor because the cook (me) had a specific use in mind when I first created the network. Rather than spending a lot of time maintaining each network I use one of the tools listed above to allow for more time thinking/learning and less work to share.

#5 – Leverage your mobility. People move around a lot nowadays. With the advent of smart phones you can carry your social networks with you and share on the go. Doesn’t everyone need to know when to avoid the bypass in gridlock?

Ultimately social networking isn’t about what you can get. Social networking is about what you can give.What are some of the best practices you would share in social networking?